We have lots of visitors at the farm, and we enjoy showing off the horses.  It also helps the little ones to get used to having lots of people around them.  On occasion, we take horses to various events for the purpose of satisfying the interest and curiosity of children and adults, but more importantly we want to help educate others about miniature horses.  They truly are The Horse for Everyone.  By invitation, for several years we took horses to an elementary school in a nearby suburban community.  Some of the children had never touched a horse, and they were very curious about why they are small, what they eat, whether you can ride them, how long it takes for the babies to be born, etc.  As educators, we think it is a special way that we can extend our knowledge to children and youth and perhaps motivate them to learn more about horses and responsibility in general and the American Miniature Horse in particular.  The pictures below are from one of our visits to an elementary school.

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